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Lise Prown
art projects

Lise Prown creates work that explores the intersection of public art, local history, and information graphics.
Many of these works are done in collaboration with Curt Belshe in and around
the NY area.


This exhibition explores the intersections of science, technology, engineering, math and creativity. Inspired by the STEM to STEAM dialogue in education, this exhibition presents artists using the interdisciplinary concepts of STEM to explore how science, technology and art overlap, interact, and innovate. Presenting imaginative possibilities that are poetic and pragmatic, aesthetic and forward-thinking, each of these artists employs a deeply personal vision. They bring a reflective and often transformational perspective to our complex world through the open-ended, questioning language of art.

Curated by Patricia Miranda

Artists: Kristin Anderson, Lisa Crafts, Scott Fitzgerald, Matt Frieburghaus, Carter Hodgkin, Katherine Jackson, Claudia Jacques, Chris Kaczmarek, Rebecca Kamen, Deborah Krikun, Martin Kruck, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Nora Ligorano and Marshal Reese, Chris Manzione, Sherry Mayo, Maria Michails, William Meyer, Rebecca Mushtare, Debra Pearlman, Curt Belshe & Lise Prown, Evan Read, Philippe Safire, Jeff Taylor, Carl Van Brunt, April Vollmer

Preview at ArtsWestchester’s annual ArtsBash event, Friday, May 16 6-9pm.

Education, Arts, Technology (E.A.T.) Forum – Tuesday, May 20th from 4:00 to 6:30 pm, at ArtsWestchester 5th floor. Reception to follow.


Much has been made over the approach of “the end of the calendar”, set to take place on December 21, 2012, at least from a Mayan perspective. We cannot accurately predict what’s going to happen, if anything at all, until that date finally arrives. Will we ease into a new 26,000 year celestial cycle effortlessly? Or, will chaos, doomsday, and end of time predictions actually be realized? If we survive the arrival of 12-21-12, will consciousness change, as a result of being thrust into a new era? Will Nostradamus’s predictions come true, for a cosmic collision of catastrophic proportions? Is there any hope or future left?

THE SKY IS FALLING! aims to explore hypothetical answers and commentary, serving as a cauldron, from the blasphemous to the reassuring, as we approach 12-21-12. Curated by Alan Baer. 

Exhibition Dates: October 19 - December 2, 2012, with the Opening Reception on Saturday, October 20, 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Gallery Talk: October 20, 3:00 pm
Location: BYRDCLIFFE Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, 36 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 
Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 12:00 - 6:00 pm


An Augmented Reality Art Installation at

The Wassaic Project

Curt Belshe and Lise Prown 2012

We have made an Augmented Reality model of an old Locomotive and located it on the existing train tracks that bisect the Hamlet of Wassaic. This recalls the history of the milk trains that ran along this train line bringing dairy products from upstate to New York City in the 19th and early part of the 20th century.


Megadeck 2



Sign and Augmented Reality stallation

The Farm Project 2011
Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm
853 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison NY 10524

Opening Saturday, September 3, 1-6pm
(Rain Date: Sunday, September 4, 1-6pm)

Mid-Run Reception: Saturday, October 1, 1-6pm
(Rain Date: Sunday, October 2, 1-6pm)





Ventana244 ART SPACE

244 N. 6th St.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

APRIL 16-MAY 8, 2011





Pistol Packing Pupils

Curt Belshe & Lise Prown

Gallery Installation, Dorksy Museum of Art, 2010

Wildlife Management Part 2: Critters

Signage installations in selected City of Peekskill street locations.

September 12 thru November 2009

“Wildlife Management Part 1: Charms”


SAUNDERS' FARM PROJECT 2009 Curt Belshe & Lise Prown

Solo Exhibition

Curt Belshe & Lise Prown

Feb. 2, 2009 - March 6, 2009

Westchester Gallery, Westchester Center for the Arts


Digital Prints on Aluminum, Steel Posts (2008) Lise Prown

Silkscreen and Offset printing on Paper Tags
(2007) Belshe & Prown

Digital Prints on Vinyl and PlasticSheeting

(2007) Belshe & Prown

Digital Prints on Vinyl and PlasticSheeting

(2006) Belshe & Prown

Digital Prints on Adhesive Vinyl

(2005) Lise Prown

Digital Prints on Vinyl

  1. (2001)Belshe & Prown