Wildlife Management Part 1: Charmed


Collaborative Concepts, Saunders Farm 2009 - Our work  “Wildlife Management Part 1: Charms” depicts New York wild life such as robins, squirrels, deer, ticks, mosquitoes and raccoons using a pixilated digital video game style of representation.  These expressly “cute and cartoon-like charms will exist in extreme contrast to the surrounding natural environment.  Many of these animals live on a collision course with humans causing impact on people daily via contact of different kinds i.e. rabies, Lyme disease, car accidents etc.The cartoony style of this piece points to point towards the human tendency to anthropomorphize nature and to point out the gap between our media saturated lives and actual nature.  We are on a collision course with the nature world and it is always changing our perceptions of nature, landscape and location.  At the same time we function at an increasingly great remove from the natural world. This piece points to this disconnect.